In this segment I will be discussing my new body of work. THE FUTURE. I find writing about my own art a tricky affair at times, but this time, I am very eager to discuss it further.

I want my work to be explosive and give a narrative of chaos. Passionately I chase the next body of work and have finally decided that it will engross natural disasters. There will be months and months of research before I begin painting. Famine and disease will be represented through colour and my own personal pain will be scripted poetically onto the canvas. This work as my past has shown will be self-standing and show uniqueness. I reject any ideas of compromising and doing this only half witted and half measured, I am ready for this new challenge ahead.

The crucial mixture of elements will be ever present in the show. I have to be aggressive with the work, almost brutal with the handling and the mixing of the components that will go into the next series. This will be a difficult and dark endeavour I’m sure however I have a more positive attitude about my work and myself so that is why I am not worried about creating such darkness.

I’m spending a lot of time sifting through books and websites at the moment, I love the library and gathering knowledge of what I am currently working on. Nature is the best source of inspiration for me and it is also something that I am always continuously learning about. Transitions and transformations can be sinuous and undesirable at times, yet they are necessary in any artists life. We must evolve with the work in our career and continue to alter our perspective.

That’s all for this weeks Journal entry, another journal entry on a chosen artist will be uploaded in the next few days.

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