Joshua Van Leader is an English born Fashion Designer, Painter and Author. Art has been his instrument of expression from a young age. His inspirations and multidisciplinary professions are manifested from the beauty of love and the heartbreak that some of us are left with. The psychology and the darkness that we can all be victims of. The space between reassembling our broken fragments and grasping our self-love, nurturing and understanding it. His passion and belief that everything we take part in, absorb from around us is undoubtedly art and we must embrace that.

His paintings are inspired solely from the ocean and its refined enigma. Believing that the ocean is a paradox and the most powerful entity that we can touch. Yet, with grace and a definitive eye it is incredibly giving and patient, finding solace here within its harmony, the ocean has played a crucial part both personally and professionally on a journey of self discovery and healing. The paintings are built on custom built canvases with diversity in size and shape. Joshua’s work exercises and exploits with acrylic and oil paints layer after layer to create an ethereal and intense depth on the canvas that engages and captures the sense of emotion applied to the works. There is a further secret to the abundance of textile that is locked away in the studio and will not be revealed so lightly. 

Whilst attending San Francisco’s The Academy of Art’s on a full scholarship he began his own menswear label. On graduating moving to Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Fine Arts he continued creating unique pieces for music artists and private clients as well as small capsule collections focusing on streetwear, which in 2018 the new team progressively moved away from. The aesthetic of the clothing is endlessly evolving, though always using the best quality fabrics from around the world and tailored meticulously within a small team. The prints and textiles used are sought after and original to the brand. However, in 2019 the team have moved away from fashion altogether. Marine conservation and working to better the lives of others is the fresh direction, one with more meaning, structure and passion. 

‘somewhere between the sand and the stardust’ is a volume of books written and illustrated by Joshua Van Leader. The collection is a series of 3 books. Which began in 2015 and ‘Volume I: The Between’ was published in 2018. It touches on elements of mental health and severe depression with a romantic edge throughout its entirety. Throughout the series he continuously explores an array of engaging themes, covering forms of revolution, creativity, love, pain, healing, trauma, inspiration and art philosophy.

The artwork, books and clothing available online and in stores represent everything Joshua Van Leader and his team believes in. They show a vivid picture of the endeavours we all go through. The work communicates, inspires and fluently exhibits; a strong and ongoing relationship with art and life. Additionally, as our need for these emotions and efforts, it too will always remind us to accept ourselves for who we are and not for what the rest of the world may want you to be or equally, what to feel. 

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