Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to another article on a wonderful artist; Celia Lees based in Port Stanley, Canada. Lees graduated in Design, similar to myself actually. She has a wide range of multidisciplinary ways of expression and she actually just dropped a new collection of clothes on her website so definitely go check that out, here is the link:  

Although a lot of the clothes are sold out you may still be able to get a bag. Well done Celia! The free-flowing brush marks on the clothes are beautiful, and just like paintings, the colour scheme is stunning. Lees really is talented, her drawings are also very special. The fluidity of all the work is soothing, capturing the richness in each study. Lees never seems to overpaint or overdraw, the fine balance and subconscious careful editing, bravo. The pulling and pushing on the canvas can be felt and the freedom of the hand can really be seen. I find it  interesting how I can see a similarity in her paintings and drawings, yet one is figurative and the other is not. The background and foreground have a contrast that both complement one another too, it is poetry on canvas for me. I will be following her work closely for the next few years and I am veery much looking forward to seeing the direction she chooses to go down well done Celia and continue to create expressive and admirable work. It’s inspiring. As usual our interview is below and please, comment, share and check out her website and socials at the end of the interview.



Celia Lees in her studio


State, 2021 60x96in mixed media

Who are your favourite artists? What makes them stand out to you?

I really adore Willem de Kooning the way he works with colour is so remarkable. I have also been really inspired by Donald Martiny lately. His ability to translate his brushstrokes into physical sculpture is so captivating. Last but not least Cy Twombly has always been a huge inspiration to me. His mark making and composition construction are immaculate.

What is the process for your paintings?

The process for my paintings is different every time I meet a new canvas. I am incredibly inspired by colour so I usually start with one colour as a jumping point and go from there. After the first colour has been added to the canvas it becomes one big analytical game of adding and subtracting as I am subconsciously building composition. I don’t have a regimented process in which I revisit every time I paint. I feel that setting a process that is too stiff takes away what I love so much about abstract painting, the raw expression we unleash on the canvas.



Swimming, 2021 48x60in mixed media

What is your preferred medium you use?

Acrylic on canvas.


Do you have any advice for artists wanting to be represented by galleries or any advice for any one beginning their art career?

I have been very fortunate to connect with collectors online to sell my work resulting in not having to be represented by a gallery thus far. Although this is something I intend to do in the near future. In regards to advice for anyone at the beginning of their art career, commit to it and be diligent. Create as much as possible and give yourself time to cultivate your style, it will happen naturally over time.






Ribbons, 2021 48×48 mixed media


Did you study at art school? If not, where did you study and what?

I have my Bachelor of Design from Ryerson University where I studied fashion design.


Later, 2020
48×72 mixed media


What inspires you in your work?

Human nature and connection. I feel incredibly inspired by the connection viewers have with my work. The fact I can create something with no identifiable subject matter and that can evoke an emotional response in another human is incredibly special to me.

How do you manoeuvre through your industry?

Staying true to my work, being honest with myself and accepting the volatility of the industry.

Do you have a routine on a day to day?

Yes, I always attend my studio around the same hours but whatever I am working on or spending my time doing is very different each day. That is what I love so much about being an artist full time.





Reach, 2021
30×40 acrylic