ARTIST FOCUS 114 – Sumit Mehndiratta

This week we focus in on Delhi based artist Sumit Mehndiratta, a very interesting artist who practices on many different mediums and works with several techniques. Sumit’s work creates many different visual experiences and you can get a real feel for his broad sense of a style, I always appreciate and admire someone to trying several different ways to create. As a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist, Sumit Mehndiratta has pursued Master of Science in international fashion marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. He has worked with online art galleries and exhibited his works, both group and solo shows across the UK, UAE, Japan, Italy, China and India. He has also worked on several projects in the US, UK and UAE. Sumit enjoys making artworks from different mediums that please the mind and soul of the individual. Describing his style of work, the Delhi-based artist avers; “My main genre of work is nature and abstraction, which is prominent in most of the works. I love abstraction and the fact that everyone perceives it differently. It brings me pleasure to see how people relate to different shapes and colours, and interpret them differently.” As per usual; please comment below and share. Thanks again for joining us once again.





Why did you become an artist?

Till the time I was 23, I had no idea I would be living as a professional artist in the future. I was a marketing major studying International fashion marketing from Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, UK where I used to share my campus with art students as well.  I used to study fashion sketches and art drawings of older artists and designers in the library and practice sketching in my free time. After I finished my masters, I came back to India at the time when there was a recession in my country. I was unemployed for a whole year and I naturally inclined to painting large canvases and experimenting with other art materials. That was a first step to my career as an artist.



Nailed it Series No. 135 25x50x2 inches Mixed media on wooden panel July 2020







Nailed it series No. 131 25x25x2 inches mixed media on wooden panel March 2020


What mentors or other artists have had an influence on your work?

In the beginning when I started to paint, my experiments and my failures were my biggest mentors. I didn’t have anyone in my family to guide me to paint or do photography but they always encouraged my creative endeavours, especially when I started selling my works. As sad as it sounds, an artist is only respected more when his works begin to sell. I started with geometrical works inspired by S.H Raza and then I looked upto international artists like Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Katrin Fridricks and many more whom I could see doing things I had thought of.




Nailed it Series No. 130 25x50x2 inches Mixed media on wooden panel March 2020



Can you explain what you’re working on right now?

Right now I’m working on a new collection of wall sculptures in which I use colourful thread woven through the nails hammered into a wooden plank and then I weave threads through it to create beautiful intricate geometrical patterns. This collection will be exclusive to a world renowned website selling artisanal items from artists worldwide.



Composition No. 197, Composition No.196 Composition No. 197 16×11 inches each mixed media on archival paper June 2020


Can you explain each of the images you attached?

The images are of my series called Nailed it Series which i’ve been doing since 2012. These are mixed medium wall sculptures in which I use colourful thread woven through the nails hammered into a wooden plank and then I weave threads through it to create beautiful intricate geometrical patterns.



Composition No. 198 Composition No. 197 Composition No. 198 16×11 inches each mixed media on archival paper June 2020




What kind of legacy would you like to leave behind?

I don’t plan on scripting any legacy but if it carries on in my afterlife, I want every person to know that you are never born as an artist, you have to work at it. You don’t even need to go to an art school. If you incline towards creativity, you will find a way to express it in a medium best suited for you but you’ll have to bring yourself to it. I’m self taught and with hard work, dedication and passion I’ve managed to create and sustain a living through selling art as a full time artist. If I can do it, so can you.



Composition No. 224 Composition No. 198 Composition No. 224 Triptych, 16×24 inches each Indian ink on paper Dec 2020


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

If you really want to sell your works you need to invest twice the amount of time involved to make art, in marketing your art. People buy what they can see. Visibility is the key to generate a sale. And how do you become visible? Well that’s a long discussion.


Composition No. 215 28×42 inches Acrylic on canvas Nov 2020