Artist Focus 110 – Kathryn Page – Photographer

Hello everybody and welcome back. I have had a short break recently as I felt I needed some time to myself…. Finally I have my first female artist on the journal journey: Kathryn Page, a brilliant photographer from the USA, splitting her valuable time between New York and Los Angeles. She has worked with brands from Vogue to Amazon and individuals from Kylie Jenner to Chrissy Teigen to name a few. I have personally and professionally followed and studied Kathryn’s work for a few years now. She captures special, unique moments and emotions from runway to backstage, and then takes to the streets. Kathryn stands out from the rest of a very saturated photographical world. She pours love and passion into her work, which; combined with her talent helps her surpass the rest. On a personal note: laughter, love, men and women of style, or an individual in thought on the street or a group of people sharing their affairs on the underground are all subjects of her work. Kathryn is a very talented photographer and I am very proud of her journey and what she has created so far. She has inspired me to put ink to paper several times to draw one of her subjects and I am sure I will do even more in the future. Please enjoy our interview and make sure to comment and go browse her website and socials. Kat’s work is excellent so it was difficult selecting images to go into this segment so please do make sure to look through her work thoroughly. Enjoy & please share what you like about the images, and choose your favourite campaigns, documents and images from her work.




Who are your favourite artists/photographers? What makes them stand out to you? 

Peter Lindbergh – Photographer – His photos are raw, real, timeless. You can feel his subjects trust him and he brings out their natural beauty. (Interesting… he is one of mine too! Check him out!) 


How do you manoeuvre through your industry? 

That answer changes over time. When I was younger it was just about getting money to pay rent, and or experience. So I don’t know if I was manoeuvring or just trying to survive, However in the more recent year or 2 I’ve tried to only put energy into things that I have clear answers for these 2 questions, who is this project for and do align to it’s goal? I find that when I have those 2 answers I feel I can make a clear decision on if its a project that is for me.


You are great at what you do, there is no doubting that… So what advice do you have for anyone starting out in photography or anything creative?

  1. Just experiment!!!! You can’t get better if you don’t practice.
  2. Truly and deeply do all you can to get to you know YOU. Not who your parents think you should be or teachers or friends but who you really are. When you are comfortable with yourself your art will flow and resonate with people who are aligned to you and for portrait photographers specifically you will be able to bring out more truth from your subjects if you show up as authentic as possible.

How did you get introduced to photography? 

Well my mom was always into taking photos as a kid of the 90’s it was the beginning of digital hitting mainstream. My grandfather was also ALWAYS filming or photographing every event, vacation, family gathering as well and it was always of interest to me. I started to take photography seriously as a path potential I came across wedding photographer online and he wrote an amazing blog about his process. I would stay up and read and take notes on everything. Then I just started going out and practicing and found out I was not too bad at it.

Where do you think the future of photography is going? And where do you see yourself in that? 

Visual arts are a funny thing as they are just as vacillating as pop culture and as timeless as time itself. So I can never really predict where it is going. I think commercial photography however is and will continue to evolve to reflect and represent the world we actually live in more and more. With a wide range of skin colors and genders and sizes. Right now I am casting for a shoot where it is priority to find people who are under represented in the commercial world. We are craving real, authentic stories. Stories that we retaliate to, instead of the stale “perfect” or “aspirational” culture that has been dominating the commercial world since it’s inception. I see myself continuing to move this needle in casting, in holding clients and myself to push the element of why are we spotlighting someone or something, and who is consuming this and being mindful of the impact. To give opportunities and empowerment to creatives who can contribute to telling a different story than what already has been told on my teams that I build.



Did you study at art school? If not, where did you study and what? 

No I did not. I went to a state university in Florida, University of Central Florida. I studied Advertising and Sales actually.

What inspires you in your work? 

When I see photographs I am looking for an emotion, something to make me feel. I get inspired especially when I feel a photo expresses a soft truth energy, highlights something that maybe isn’t obvious or hitting you at first sight.

Do you have a routine on a day to day? 

I used to. 2020 kind of threw that routine out the window. Which in ways was needed. But as of now I like to start my morning with a short mediation, I recently started writing a few affirmations down each morning as the power of the pen to paper really helps me focus. Then will turn on some music and make coffee and breakfast. I like an hour in the am to just obverse and gather information and inspiration from online and podcasts mostly. Then around 9:30/10am I will make my way into workflow. That changes based on the day. Sometimes it’s building decks for client, sometimes editing, phone calls or sometimes going to set.


Check out Kathryn Page’s website and Instagram here: