Myself and Isabel have been close friends for years. We both went to the same art school in downtown San Francisco and graduated the same year. She resides in Santa Monica now and her work is sublime. That’s why I’ve picked her for the first of many ‘Artist Focus’. There is no doubt she has a bright future ahead of her in the art world. Not only does she paint but she also creates mesmerising 3D sculptures and stunning jewellery. She is represented by numerous galleries and her work is in high demand which keeps her consistent and motivated.

Isabel is an inspiring young woman who has always been focused and driven, exploring different techniques and challenging herself to produce the best possible quality of work. Her work expresses beauty in such a compelling narrative and the looseness and confidence in her paintings can be seen quite vividly as well as the changing of colour schemes that are introduced in each piece. She really a special artist and I’m sure we can all agree we look forward to seeing more.

Isabel Emrich works in an Expressionistic style that straddles both abstraction and figuration. Her brushwork is both strong and fluid – qualities that echo the nature of water, itself. With zeal, Emrich captures the ‘special effects’ water presents to the eye: chaotic refractions in multi-planar space, sparkling light effects, distorted shadows, rippled reflections, etc. – much of it in thick impasto paint, contrasted by passages of smooth vitality.

“I totally immerse myself in the experience of painting and as I do, I am connecting with love, joy, and peace.  I have a need to understand who I am and the people in my life. My paintings have a whimsical state of mind because I am expressing music into my artwork. I choose the instruments of colour and set the rhythm of texture that will sing the emotions the painting will express. I endeavour to make intangible experiences tangible through my art; to make the soundless, resound; the flavourless an explosion of taste, and the invisible seen. There is healing for me in this process and through my art I hope there is some healing for the observer as well.”

I recently interviewed Isabel about her work and her life as an artist……… A very thorough interview, great and wise words…. thank you for being part of this!

Who are your favourite artists? 
Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Wayne Thiebaud
Where do you see yourself professionally in the future (short or long term)?
Short term I see myself joining a Gallery in NYC and Europe. Long term I see my self continuously exhibiting my artwork in Galleries, having a solo museum exhibition, teaching at a College or teaching painting workshops around the world.
What is your opinion on the art market at the moment? Do you find it a challenging industry? What do you like about it?
I would describe the art market heavily contemporary disturbed realism. No its not challenging, the beauty of the Industry is that, it is so big there is room for all types of artist to thrive and learn and be inspired by each other, you just need to find the right fit for your artwork to be showcased and have exposure. It is really important to stay current and attend Gallery openings.
Do you have any advice for artists wanting to be represented by galleries or any advice for any one beginning their art career? 
First look inward and find out what you want to say through your artwork and then create a cohesive body of work and then do research on Galleries you feel your work will fit into. Then attend their shows and talk to the other artists and owner. Do not be shy. Then email them to submit your artwork. Do not get discourages, keep trying. Most important is to stay true to who you are and do not try to change your style or subject if it is not authentic. Authenticity is key. Stay true to who you are and paint paint paint! You will discover your style by painting a lot and it will be authentic.  Stay consistent in what you paint also.
What was your experience in art school like? Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about art school? 
I was a student athlete in College. I attended Academy of Art University, studied Fine Arts Painting and I was on the Volleyball team. It was a dream come true to pursue two passions at once in an inspiring energetic city, San Francisco, California. I spent all my time creating, working on my class projects. I loved what I studied and I wanted to master my skills so I knew it would take sacrifice. If I was not at Volleyball practice or had a game, I was in the studio creating, mastering my craft. I went to the teacher’s workshops to learn more, I saw a tutor to learn more and get better. Art School is absolutely amazing!!! I miss it so much! It is what you put into it, is what you will gain from it. I never went to parties or even the movies, because it would take away from me perfecting my craft. I was also very busy since I was an athlete. I had 6 am weights then class for 6 hours then practice then homework. I never slept. You can not be lazy, you have to put in 100 % if you want your dreams to come true. Also Do not get discourages. Except failure. Separate yourself from judgement if your craft is not where you want it to be, be humble, ask questions, and practice, eventually it will click and you will love what you are creating.
What is your routine to get into the flow of painting? 
I have a notebook and I set goals for myself, daily, weekly, monthly,  what I want to work on or accomplish then I write it out in my planner and I stick to it. Be positive and have fun during the process of creating. Usually when I set goals for myself it gets me fired up and in the flow ready to paint and get to work. Its important to have a schedule and paint like its your job, 9-5pm. It does not have to be 8 hours a day but  just be consistent. That is the only way you can make it a professional career rather than a hobby.

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