Good morning and great news! We have more painting and books coming your way and we are thrilled about it. Here’s a note from Joshua.

I hope we can all keep this momentum up and produce a great high standard of work going into summer. I’ve been in the studio a lot recently and I’ve been gathering up more confidence. My sleep is still disrupted, it’s 4am and I’m working away and in constant worry. I’m still feeling a little fragile and weak physically but I am getting better within myself and I seem to have a purpose back in my life. The painting’s will be ready at the end of 2019 or early 2020 along with my third book. Painting has been an attentive yet remarkable way for me to heal and recover from the past 2 years. It appears there are many people on the surface of our lives that rarely understand the truth of what we go through. What happened to me and how did it all unfold? In time, I will be more open about it if I feel the timing is right. I don’t want young men and women to go through what I had to by remaining silent on mental depression, addiction and physical pain. I believe we should all talk about it and try comfort one another through a difficult time, we need more compassion and kindness in this life and I hope me being honest and open eases the pressure on talking about how we actually feel.

This February has so far been a month of gathering inspiration for painting, I will be spending a lot of time by the ocean. I feel enchanted there and free. It too, has helped me grow and slowed my lifestyle down. Additionally, I will be having a photographer and videographer working alongside myself to bring you all the best behind the scenes footage, information on my process and of course; more on my inspiration! My inspiration, as many of you know can range from being about my dark and elusive mind to the intense light and mystical elements of the ocean and the life it sustains. Moving me onto ocean conservation and a richer protection for its species will be in my next journal entry as it’s something I continue to talk with my team about moving forward.

However, there is a change in my life. Which ultimately is why I’m sat here writing this. I have an impulse for life again, the faintest glimmer to strive and better myself. It is not necessarily ambition but it is just a desire to restore a balance in my life and that gives me more hope in my day to days.

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Take this away with you today and do some research on the following….
RAT: Recognition, Acceptation, transformation.

Thank you for your ongoing support and keep an eye out for those videos, this year is the beginning of an ethereal journey into my world and I’m very excited to be back.

January 2019 – Joshua Van Leader in the studio with painting: ‘oceans in her yes, oceans of stardust’