Y E A R    C R E A T E D  :   2 0 2 1

S I Z E   /    D I M E N S I O N S   :  4 0 ’  ( W )   X   3 1 ’  ( H )

M A T E R I A L S    /    M E D I A    U S E D  :  Mixed media, acrylic and oil paint on canvas.

The word Enigma is a person or particular thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand. In this case, it could be the way I have created my own work, possibly the ocean itself, or even my own mind. At times in the past I felt very unfamiliar with my own thoughts and it felt like I needed an Enigma machine to crack the codes of depression and a suicidal streak. Yet of course, there is no ticket, no code or rule to escape depression. This painting was one of my first to push more of the mixed media and create intense depth with texture, balanced by colours that make this piece itself, an ‘E N I G M A’.

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