Nothing can tame me, nothing can chain me; I’M UNBREAKABLE

Y E A R    C R E A T E D   :    2 0 2 1

S I Z E    /     D I M E N S I O N S   :  3 0 “  ( W )    X   2 6 “  ( H )

M A T E R I A L S    /    M E D I A     U S E D   :  Mixed media, acrylic and oil paint on canvas

My body has been through some very difficult trials. I have had 3 major operations and one of the side effects was becoming mentally ill. I lost hope, I lost my faith and my fight and will to live. But together we fought through the dark shadows and together we will continue to fight the dark wolf on my shoulder.  My family is unbreakable, the space between us in unbeatable. I dedicate this to them, the loves of my life, my parents. Thank you.

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