JVL Organisation Aims and Outcomes


JVL is an organisation setup in the name and memory of Joshua Van Leader.

Joshua’s story is truly inspiring, he created a range of astonishing pieces of work that covers fine and abstract art, men’s fashion clothing, a range of beautiful and thought provoking poetry books as well as a book that uses his mythical god images (Physiognomy) aimed at helping others with their mental health.

The JVL organisation’s mission is to promote all of this work to ensure it is released and visible to as many people as possible so that it will continue to inspire and influence others in the true spirit in which Joshua lived his life.  Joshua was a shining light to many and endeavoured to leave them in a better place than he had found them.

Joshua did lose his battle with his own mental health but we hope that by releasing his complete portfolio of work with supporting documentaries it will help so many with their own mental health challenges.

The organisation aims to be focussed and impactful with a proportion of excess funds created through the sale of Joshua’s work supporting the following:

Mental health resource/solutions – Joshua struggled to get the right support and help with his own mental health, the JVL organisation will look to fund further research in mental health as well as alternative approaches, especially around nature and natural resources.  It will also fund and support suicide prevension and well being. 

Ocean Clean-up – From a poem in Volume II Joshua wrote ‘the heart bled, the stars listened, the ocean healed, the soul forgave’.  Joshua gained so much from being by the sea and it was important to him to cleanse and protect this beautiful asset that the planet has.